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Next Time it Will be Different!

Posted onJanuary 1, 2016 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

The First Time Jesus Came: He came veiled in the form of a child. A star marked His arrival. Wise men brought Him gifts. There was no room for Him. Only a few attended His arrival. He came as a baby....Keep Reading

What About Christmas Celebrations?

Posted onDecember 21, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Some of my esteemed colleagues in the ministry have deemed it as "spiritual" to speak out against the observance of Christmas. They are quick to point out that Yule logs, Christmas trees, and many other accouterments of the season are of pagan origin. Technically, they are right. But, actually they are wrong in saying we should not observe the festivities of this glorious season. Remember the old saying, "Every party has its pooper?" In putting down Christmas, these Scripture-spouting- scrooges rip the tares from the wheat so zealously that the wheat is also uprooted. I pray that the holiday heresy hunters will reconsider before they spoil someone else's joy in celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas....Keep Reading

From Table to Cradle

Posted onDecember 3, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

How quickly the calendar forces us to move from the Thanksgiving table to a cradle. Candidly, I am saddened with the passing of Thanksgiving Day. There are precious few times and seasons when the giving of thanks is foremost in our minds. Surely family gatherings, food and the seasonal changes surrounding Thanksgiving are both enjoyable and important. But I genuinely believe that in the hearts of many people, especially Christian folks, that around November 26th there are real and significant thoughts that lend to the giving of thanks. That spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving is always accompanied by joy, a positive outlook, a feeling of wholeness and a godlike view of our lives here and hereafter. Thanksgiving,..what a treasured time....Keep Reading

Thankfulness - 2015

Posted onNovember 8, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Gratitude is one of life's sweetest characteristics. We need to say "thank you." We need to repeat it frequently. There are precious few people to whom we could not say a well-deserved "thank you." After all, people put up with us, don't they? And to put up with some of us isn't easy, is it? Be honest. Then there are folks who go above and beyond the call of duty to encourage us and to help us in our earthly pilgrimage....Keep Reading

Thinking About November

Posted onNovember 1, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

I would like for us as a church family to keep in mind our special emphasis for the month of November. Above our order of service we see the words II A Season of Thanksgiving." This is reflected in our music, in our scripture reading, in our praying, and in fact, in every aspect of our worship service and ministry....Keep Reading

Can We Forgive...And Not Forget?

Posted onOctober 25, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

The words "forgive" and "forget" follow each other very closely in the dictionary. Unfortunately, in the routine of daily living, the acts of forgiving and forgetting are seldom, if ever, that close together....Keep Reading

"Seeing With Jesus' Eyes"

Posted onOctober 8, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Two people looked out of the same window at the same moment. One saw the night, the other saw the stars. Our eyes see what we want them to see. Perhaps it would be more precise to say that we interpret what our eyes see the way we want to. It's the old story of the glass of water. Is it half full or half empty? What strange creatures we human beings are! This propensity to see what we want to see carries over into our churches as well. In all likelihood, the following story is lived out somewhere every Sunday....Keep Reading

Christian Urgency!

Posted onAugust 24, 2015 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Every year along about this time, I feel compelled to say something like, "Well, another summer is almost gone." Maybe so. But the calendar reminds us that fall does not officially begin until September 23....Keep Reading